One…  My dating process is probably not the same as your dating process, so quit judging the way other women choose to date. Different interest requires different activities. When you judge someone else for going on simplistic dates or hate on those who date extravagantly, don't forget that we all have the freedom to choose our personal joys of life. There are many ways to define dating, and that definition should not be determined by the viewing audience.

Two… You are judged by the company you keep. It’s hard for a man to filter out your amazing personality when you’re visually blocked by a group of overzealous, profanity screaming, spotlight stealers endearingly called your friends. But I am sure those rowdy gals are wonderful people on the inside.

Three… If you cannot personally afford that high-priced dream date you are demanding a man take you on, then you are NOT looking for Mr. Right. What you are looking for is someone to temporarily sponsor a level of entertainment you normally can’t afford to engage in during your normal life. This is not dating. The art of dating is merging interest and exploring chemistry; what it is not is your only hope to a better life.

Four… Lastly, but certainly not least…No matter how amazing the date is going, it is never worth compromising your self-imposed dating rules. If he does not appreciate your personal limits, then don’t honor him with another moment of your time. Ridesharing apps are only a click away! Always have an exit plan when a date starts to turn sour.