Step One… Request a date at least 3 days in advance. This gives her time to clear her schedule or rearrange her regular weekend routine to make time for you.

Step Two…When you request the date, never ask her an open questions such as ‘So, are you busy this weekend?’ or vague statements like ‘we should see each other soon’. It’s a good assumption that she is busy, we all are! However, we make time for outings with people we are interested in being around. The goal here is to be direct with what you want. Nothing irritates a woman more than a man who passively skirts around a question she knows he obviously wants to ask her. Lead with what you want & then follow with your request. “I want to take you out on Friday, are you free?” Simple and direct.

Step Three… Discuss the transportation arrangements. Don’t be surprised if the first few dates are meet-ups. Not all women are comfortable with new pursuers coming to their home.

Step Four… Let her know what time you would like the date to start & be realistic. This allows her the opportunity to plan her day with enough time to be ready for the date.

Step Five… Plan the date! Pull from the conversations you had with her to get an idea about what to do on the date. The overall goal of the date is to make sure you both are enjoying each other’s company. Good Luck!

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